We offer our customers the ability to design and manufacture grease products, taking into account the unique requirements for lubricants in non-standard units of friction. This means a revision or rework of used lubricants which do not satisfy the client by any parameters, as well as full development of new lubricant products. In this regard, we can offer:
В этой связи можем предложить:

  • A Study of the friction unit;
  • Development and registration of technical documentation necessary for the production of lubricating products;
  • Production of pilot batches;
  • Product production in any required by the customer quantity.
  • Наша фирма имеет возможность провести испытания по определению параметров пластичных смазочных материалов, согласно приведенного перечня:

    № p/p Parameter name State Standard (GOST)
    1 Temperature of dropping point, °С State Standard (GOST) 6793
    2 Penetration at 25°С, mm-1 State Standard (GOST) 5346 Method C
    3 Shear strength at 20°С, Pa State Standard (GOST) 7143 Method B
    4 Colloid stability, % State Standard (GOST) 7142
    5 Evaporation at 100°С within 1 hour, % State Standard (GOST) 9566
    6 Thermostrengthening for 1 hour at 120°С, % State Standard (GOST) 7143 Method B
    7 Mass fraction of free alkali, based on NaOH, % State Standard (GOST) 6707
    8 Mass fraction of water State Standard (GOST) 2477
    9 Mass fraction of mechanical impurities State Standard (GOST) 9270
    10 Lubricating properties tested on four-ball machine State Standard (GOST) 9490