About Us

"Budmax" group of companies was founded in 1999, with the establishment of unitary enterprise "Budmax" in Minsk. The main and later the sole activity of the company was the supply of various enterprises all around the Republic of Belarus with high quality lubricants.

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Our Products

Our main focus is the production of lubricating greases. Our greases are produced on the basis of high-quality, specially selected base oils thickened with thickeners of various types, with modern additives. We offer a number of a modern greases of our own design, and the products developed during the Soviet era which have been tested well over time.

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Our Services

Our company has the ability to carry out various tests to determine the parameters of any ubricant types. In the "Services" section you can find more information about the different types of studies conducted by our company.

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Our Clients

Belarussian RailWay