About Us


"Budmax" group of companies was founded in 1999, with the establishment of unitary enterprise "Budmax" in Minsk. The main and later the sole activity of the company was the supply of various enterprises all around the Republic of Belarus with high quality lubricants.

Much attention was paid by the employees of the company to the selection and delivery of highly specialized and rare oils and greases under the specific conditions of use as defined by the customer.

The painstaking analytical work, participation in practical tests and in direct contact with the specialists of enterprises, developers and manufacturers, have allowed the company staff to provide quality, efficient selection and supply of lubricants for all applications.

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Present time

In 2010, the company management decided to start their own production of general and special purpose greases, which created a "Research and Production Company Budmax" main purpose of which was the production, research and development of special lubricants.

Currently, the main production consists of a certain range of greases of our own design, as well as well-known species, such as Litol-24 and others.

Our clients are such companies as BELAZ, MAZ, MTZ, Gomselmash, Belaruskali, Minsktrans, Mannol Vaysrusland, 558th Aircraft Repair Plant, Belarusian Railways and others.